Furman NC-20MP, 20 Amp MiniPort

Furman NC-20MP, 20 Amp MiniPort
Furman NC-20MP, 20 Amp MiniPort
Item# furmannc20mp

Furman NC-20MP, 20 Amp MiniPort


SmartSequencing allows bidirectional, safe sequenced power up/down operations via the push of a button or turn of a key.

Voltage Protection Extreme

Voltage Shutdown (EVS) safeguards from catastrophic under-voltage (under 80V sustained) or over-voltage (over 145V sustained) conditions.The EVS feature can be selectively enabled or disabled according to the preference of the user.

BlueBOLT Compatible®

IP Control (Telnet or cloud-based BlueBOLT) via SmartSequencing (when connected to CN-1800S/CN-2400S with BB-RS232 Adaptor).

Diagnostic Lights

Diagnostic lights provide valuable system information including power quality. 20 Amp Output Current 20 amp maximum current capacity.

DIP Switch Customization

DIP switches and potentiometer allows customization of settings such as sequencing delays, 12V on/off, and more. Security covers are provided to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with DIP switches.